Enjoy WiFi, Today!

AlwaysOn is the new Wide Area WiFi Hotspot solution close to you in Koforidua - just the type you can afford. Available for the family or your business.

Same subscription, for the home, available to use throughout any of our WiFi zones.

Speed & Security

With focus on speed and security, AlwaysOn keeps your WiFi Internet, well, 'Always On'. Keep enjoying the web without interruptions.

About AlwaysOn

Wide Coverage

AlwaysOn WiFi strives to cover large neighborhoods, a way to get you connected on all your devices, all the time seamlessly.

Current Coverage

Right Prices for All

AlwaysOn WiFi Data Bundles are rigged at just the right prices to beat your current data bundles, yet easy on your pocket.


What we Do

Business Focused

Neighborhood WiFi. Blanketing WiFi Coverage.

Get WiFi everywhere within your neighborhood. Be it an estate or residencial area, AlwaysOn WiFi gets properly deployed, covering the entire neighborhood with reliable internet access via WiFi.

From your garden, to your neighbor's home, onto the streets, to the nearest canteen, football field, car park, all under one WiFi connection. You never lose connection then.

For Neighborhoods

Business Focused. Including your business.

Businesses, small or medium size, can and should Enjoy WiFi, Today™. AlwaysOn WiFi improves the productivity of businesses that rely on reliable, internet connections with our fast WiFi solutions.

Our 24/7 AlwaysOn WiFi Voucher generator, means you can always top up, the right package at just when you need it.

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Business Focused

The whole family. Streaming for all.

A subscription model that fits the pockets of everyone in the family. Getting the whole family connected independently at fast, reliable network speeds.

Connect any devices and or equipment such as an Android TV or an Apple Box. As many as possible, for you

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The whole family

Extending your Internet From point A to B

Our experience in deploying WiFi systems puts us ahead in the market. Want to extend the internet connection at your institution or workplace to the homes of your teachers or workers respectively?

We are here for you, always using the best in WiFi technology equipment along with proper configurations.

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Extending your internet

Tailored WiFi Solutions. Just for your needs.

Our team of expertise are 'Always On' standby to assist with your next deployment, installations and configurations.

Connect with us today. Let's chat.

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Tailored WiFi Solutions

How to Connect

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Select & Connect

Turn on the WiFi connection on your device i.e, phone, laptop, tablet or TV. Select "AlwaysOn" in the list of open WiFi networks to connect.

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Open Your Browser

AlwaysOn WiFi should trigger a "Sign In" on your Android or Windows device. Or, open any browser (except Internet Explorer), try navigating to a site.

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Enter AlwaysOn Voucher

Accept the 'Terms & Conditions', enter your voucher code, and begin browsing. You shall see the 'Enter Voucher' page again, when and only when your current voucher is exhausted.

Our Packages