What is AlwaysOn WiFi? top

AlwaysOn WiFi is a project by TheAfricanDream LLC, aimed at providing relatively fast affordable WiFi Internet to neighborhoods at parts of Koforidua.

With AlwaysOn WiFi, you can surf the web, watch videos online, send and receive emails and chat (text and or voice) at cheaper prices, using Wi-Fi.

Is AlwaysOn WiFi Fast? top

Yes. For example, AlwaysOn WiFi is fast enough to even watch YouTube videos from 480p to 1080p quality without buffer or lag.

I don't get reception at my place. Why? top

AlwaysOn is currently operating at select places. Contact us to learn more

How do I connect? top

Connect to AlwaysOn using the steps below:

  • Pick up your smartphone, tablet or laptop within our coverage area, turn on the WiFi on your device, and search for WiFi networks.
  • Connect to the network, "AlwaysOn" Wi-Fi in the list. If you don't find the "AlwaysOn WiFi" in your list of WiFi networks, you're not within coverage of the pilot phase.
  • Enter your voucher code in the browser, and start browsing. You may acquire a voucher code from a nearest AlwaysOn Voucher Reseller.
Can I Download with AlwaysOn WiFi? top

Yes, you can. However, be considerate when, how and what you download. Use of the AlwaysOn WiFi in breach of the Terms of Use will mean a temporal or permanent ban from the WiFi Service.

In order to ensure a fast reliable connection for all users, we recommend you do heavy downloads (200Mb or more file sizes) during the night, as less users are on the network, and the download will be relatively faster.

For very big file sizes, we encourage you to contact AlwaysOn WiFi Administrators, and we'll be happy to do an off-the-WiFi download for you for free, after considering your request, content to download, and if such content meets our ToS.

Can't open Login Page. Is it the browser? top

One of the common issues faced by new users is the inability to open the AlwaysOn WiFi login page to enter the voucher code.

Here are steps we suggest to fix it, and they do not follow in any particular order:

  • Upgrade your operating system
  • Use either Firefox, Chrome, Opera or UC Browser
  • Update your Firefox, Chrome, Opera or UC Browser to a recent version

NOTE: The AlwaysOn WiFi Login Page does not work on the Internet Explorer browser. We highly recommend any of the steps above.

When can I get fastest browsing speeds? top

Off-peak times are the best times to get the fastest speeds. During peak hours such as from late evening to early night, more users are on the WiFi and the internet service provider at large, thus the internet speeds might degrade.

To enjoy relatively faster browsing speeds, try using AlwaysOn WiFi at the suggested times below:

  • Weekdays: 11 pm to 10 am
  • Weekends: During the day, internet speeds tend to be fast, compared to the mornings and evenings.

My YouTube videos keep loading. Why? top

YouTube videos support from 144p video quality up to 8K. When you select a specific video quality, YouTube tries to stick to it for all your videos. However, the higher the video quality, the more likely it might be the network speed cannot stream such a quality at that point in time.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to set your YouTube player to automatically detect your network and stream the related video quality for you. As the video starts playing, even if in low quality, YouTube will automatically adjust to higher quality during the video.

To set your YouTube video to "Auto", please follow this tutorial on YouTube Support

What are the Health Risk of WiFi? top

There is none! No research into the effects of WiFi have proven WiFi poses any harmful risk to our health.

Read more about the subject in this article, Wi-Fi: are there any health risks?"

Or watch the video: "Does Cellular Network Cause Cancer?"