The whole family

It is a family treat with AlwaysOn WiFi. A single, easy-to-mount receiver, taps into the AlwaysOn WiFi for the Home. With speeds of up to 10 Mbps per each connected device, everyone in the family gets to stream videos and play online games at ease.

AlwaysOn WiFi for the Home is available in prices you are already comfortable with. The same voucher code for our WiFi zones gets you connected in the home too.

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Easy Steps

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For a seamless network setup and maximum network throughput using the latest technologies at an affordable prices, we work with only Ubiquiti equipments. Thankfully, a receiver does not cost a fortune.

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Quick Installations

The receiver can be mounted alongside your existing TV antenna on the same pole. We do the cabling and configurations same day, within a few hours, so you can get to your browsing quick!

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Now the easiest part: Buy your AlwaysOn WiFi voucher from the nearest shop and start browsing. Or even better, buy via Mobile Money. The choice is yours


Why AlwaysOn WiFi

For the Home

Significantly Affordable. For the whole family.

The 'Why' affordable is simple. AlwaysOn WiFi source internet data from ISPs at huge sizes, which comes at a relatively cheaper price. We therefore make this amazing offer to you, ensuring the cost of our WiFi usage stays right within your pocket's reach.

Our packages are affordable and flexible for everyone in the family.

Our Packages
Significantly Affordable

Flexible, Reasonable Packages. Have all the enchilada

Our understanding of the different types of internet users influences our choice of packages we offer. We have designed our packages to put little pressure on your use, however, allowing you to focus on doing more - in entertainment, education and research, and or video conferencing.

A whole as a family, however each individual have internet preferences and usage levels. We cater for all with our flexible, reasonable packages.

Our Packages
Flexible Reasonable Packages

It's WiFi-ly Reliable. Yes, for real

To ensure fast, reliable internet connections at all times, we depend on multiple network providers, thereby improving the consistency and response times. We do not put all our eggs in one basket. That means you get to stay online all the time, even if a network provider is facing challenges.

In fact, you wouldn't know of any issues, as we allow you to Enjoy WiFi, Today.™

It's WiFi-ly Reliable

Get AlwaysOn WiFi for the Home today.

It costs less than Ghc 500 to get all the benefits of AlwaysOn WiFi for the entire family.

Get in touch today. Let us all Enjoy WiFi, Today™

AlwaysOn WiFi for the Home